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segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2021

Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh and his book "War in the Birthplace" (Paradise Ocean Books)

Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh was born on August 31st, 1991 in Mashhad, Iran. His poetry can be found in magazines all around the world such as the WAF Anthology, eFiction, Zouch, Vivimus, Five Poetry, Maudlin House, the Literati Quarterly, Denver Quarterly, Santa Clara Review and Blackbird Journal. He is founder of "Paradise Ocean Books publishing house" with great partner with name Jamila Mafra (Brazilian Writer). He is author of four books, titled: War in the Birthplace (Paradise Ocean Books, 2020), Guerra ao Nascer (Portuguese Edition of War in the Birthplace) (Paradise Ocean Books and Mafra Editorial, 2021), Eyes of the Middle East (Olhos do Oriente Médio) (Paradise Ocean Books, 2020), and Exile Me (Maudlin House, 2015). In 2020  Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, a important american  literary award, representing the Santa Clara Review.

literary award, representing the Santa Clara Review.


Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh, influenced by the tensions of his country - Iran - transforms into words all the moral, spiritual and psychological aspects of a war, often drawing on historical and philosophical comparisons and analogies. Through his poems, he mixes the crudity of the human being with the serenity expected from a world in pursuit of peace.

Author absorb the external circumstances to form his inner self. This is nothing more than human contextualization: an alternation of emotions and reactions.

War in the Birthplace is a collection of poetry that touches the soul and heart, written by the young Iranian poet Seyed, who has been fighting for peace in the world for many years through his deep and sensitive words. His literature deals with the pain of innocent people trying to survive in the midst of the wars and conflicts faced in the countries of the Middle East.

This book brings a profound reflection about the need to be strong in the face of life difficulties, including the confrontation of violence in all its forms. Special and touching are the poems "Breathing Under Water" that portrays the moment when the human being is forced to adapt to the difficult situations imposed by reality. The book addresses in an intense way the most challenging moments of a war to be faced by the population.

Seyed is a poet of love and a soldier of peace, he proclaims respect for all peoples and religions. He is a young author with a humble and determined heart, he is a true warrior, strong and courageous, friend and companion, of those who are with us at all times, until the end.

The book also presents the photographic works by Fatemeh Varzandeh, Mahtab Takbiri and Mohammad Ali Mirzaei, three important photographers who, through images, express sensitivity and various Eastern landscapes.

BUY THE BOOK: https://www.amazon.com.br/Birthplace-English-Seyed-Morteza-Hamidzadeh-ebook/dp/B08GK2BG15


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